Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Most Important Thing You Aren't Practicing: Breathing

Nothing is more important to your hitting success than breathing properly.

Consistent mechanics are important. A committed and aggressive approach is a must. But without the ability to breathe properly, consistently, and deeply enough, you or your hitters are never in complete control.

As world-renowned sports psychologist Ken Ravizza preaches: "You cannot control your performance until you are in control of yourself."

Tom Hanson says "Act Big, Breathe Big, Commit Big."

Both gurus intend for our hitters to practice awareness, positive body language and breathing techniques.

Whether you are teaching your players relaxation techniques through deep breathing for counts of 8 to 10, or teaching them to take slow and deep breath, an increased awareness of their heart rate will improve their in-game success.

Here's a great article, with plenty of science behind breathing:

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