Sunday, October 19, 2014

Quick Hits: The Five Tools of Hitting


1.) Focus: soft focus shift to sharp focus near release point.
2.) Know what pitches he throws. Eliminate tunnels, pitches.
3.) To be able to utilize SHARP focus—control breathing.


1.) Attack. Hardest hit balls are in FRONT of hitting zone.
2.) Rhythm is necessary to create maximum bat speed.
3.) Extension: palm up, palm down maximizes extension.


1.) Balance = energy transfer with low center of gravity.
2.) Separation = Hands/barrel must stay loaded to retain bat speed.


1.) Passion. Actions speak loudest.
2.) Energy. Bring positive energy to ballpark.
3.) You cannot consistently outperform your quality of practice.


1.) We never try to hit multiple pitches at one time.
2.) Approaches must change. Make adjustments.
3.) Dugout communication: Share information, i.e. relative velocity, spin, movement, does he hide the ball, pick-off move, tempo, strike zone

4.) How will you attack: soft LHP, side-arm, submarine, 3 pitch ACE, high velocity, soft RHP

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