Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Mental Game System: 4RIP3

Successful people have a system for everything. A system for where they leave their wallet and keys at home, a system for how they prepare meals in advance, a system for how they prepare for a workout, a system for how they wake up in the morning, a system for what they do before they go to bed, a system for how they return and organize e-mails and on and on…

Hitters need a system that helps them control their thoughts and attack the game with confidence and aggressiveness.

The system we use is renowned sports psychologist Brian Cain’s “4RIP3.” You can access the excellence that is Cain at . I highly recommend buying ANY of his books.  These books are not baseball books, or even just books for athletes, these are books for life!

EACH of them is outstanding. Reading just one of his books is helpful. Reading several of his books, listening to his audio tapes, watching him interact with coaches and athletes, and committing to a lifestyle of excellence...will change your life forever!

The acronym 4RIP3 is comprised of 4 R’s, 1 I, and 3 P’s.

The R’s: Routine, Recognize, Release, Refocus.
The I: Imagery, also known as visualization.
The P’s: Present, Process, Positive.

If you stick with me on this blog, you will see the language of “Cain” is in everything we teach. If you don’t have a system for most details in your life, particularly how you prepare, how you compete or how you overcome adversity then this quote is for you: “It is the START that STOPS most people.” 

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