Monday, March 16, 2015

Coaching Hitters with East Carolina University Head Coach Cliff Godwin

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Fresh off taking Ole Miss to the College World Series in 2014, Cliff Godwin is in his first year as head coach at his alma mater, East Carolina University. Coach Godwin is renowned for his relentless energy, teaching skills and passion for those he coaches.

He was kind enough to share his mindset and passion with us. Thanks, Cliff.

Q: How do you integrate the mental game into your offensive preparation in practice?

A: We talk about having quality at bats every single day! It's a lifestyle for us. Batting average is evil because we can't control it! We also perform our routines and release every day during BP.

Q: What do the best hitters in your program do well mentally?

A: Our best hitters have great routines daily which allows them to be confident from their preparation! Also, they think about their good swings and not their bad swings! They think about their good at bats and not their bad ones! You have to be positive to be a great consistent hitter!

Q: How do you coach the mental game differently now than you did five years ago?

A: I have always talked about quality at bats since I have been in the coaching ranks. I talk about it more! Now I post the results more, tweet it more, so our guys know it is important to us!

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