Tuesday, December 16, 2014

How To Implement the Mental Game, Mental Game VIP Interview, Part 2

How do you implement the mental game on a daily basis?

Dedman: Certainly I use the experiences of the coaches of the mental game that I've been able to
learn from, because those are the ones that we believe in.

It starts with Dorfman, Ravizza, Cain, certainly there's some Tom House in there, but those first three are probably the core three that we are teaching—their books, photos, images, verbiage, the way they model things. The system that we actually use on a day-to-day basis, more frequently than anything, is Cain's 4RIP3. 

The 4 R’s are: to have a Routine, to Recognize your current emotional state (probably the most difficult part for a collegiate student athlete), to have a Release (what they really have to practice) and then to be able to Refocus, which is usually some type of visual or verbal cue. The I in 4RIP3 is Imagery, standing for visualization.

The three Ps are: being in the Present moment (not living in the past, not thinking too far into the
future) allows people to stay as a part of the Process, focusing on the things that we can control in the
here and now. The third P is Positive. Bruce Brown is an incredibly positive person and that's someone I've learned a lot about from interactions with books and CDs and seeing him speak live. Mark Brew, our head coach here at Lee, is a very positive leader and leads by example. It's a faith-based institution at Lee, so everything we're trying to do with our guys is centered around being positive role models for them. That certainly is ingrained and starts with the Bible, which is nothing but positive literature there.

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